How AI Can Make Your More Money

I may or may not have gotten a parking ticket in my time. (Clears throat)

Up until recently, parking tickets were a huge pain to dispute. If you’ve done it, you know exactly what I mean.

You had to find a lawyer, pay hundreds of dollars, spend hours in court, and maybe… maybe… you’d beat the ticket.

Now, in this new era of technology, you can get immediate and inexpensive help to beat that parking ticket. And you won’t believe how.

From a lawyer who’s not even human. From an artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer.

Sound crazy? In 21 months, this AI lawyer got 160,000 parking tickets overturned in London and New York. I’ve spent plenty of time in both cities, and parking is definitely a pain.

That works out to 253 cases won every single day, on average.

That’s more than even an entire law firm could pull off.

AI is taking us into a new era of superhuman speed and performance. That includes investing.

A Quantum Leap

Over the past 30 years, software in general has massively improved our ability to collect information, analyze information, and act on information.

A great software program can help you make smart business decisions, sign digital contracts, move money around, shop, connect with friends, find travel deals, get directions, share pictures, talk to loved ones, and get a cheap ride home. 

Health care, education, transportation, manufacturing, energy production, food production, retail, banking, you name it… software programs have allowed us to do it much more efficiently. 

Software has allowed us to make a quantum leap in human prosperity and efficiency. 

Just take Microsoft Excel, which is now ancient in the software world at 38 years old. One person running an Excel spreadsheet on a computer can do the work of a million accountants from days past.

AI raises our capabilities to a new level. For example, AI helped doctors analyze more than 20 million oncology studies in just 10 minutes to save one of their patient’s lives.

No wonder everyone is racing to incorporate AI.

And that brings me to the financial markets. Thanks to today’s smart technology, computers can analyze the thousands of publicly traded stocks almost instantly to help us find those rare “needle in a haystack” stocks that make investors money.

Only a Few Stocks Actually Make You Money

According to research done by a renowned professor, out of 26,000 stocks ever listed in the history of the stock market, only 4% of them generated all of the market returns above treasury bills.

In other words, investors have a 96% chance of failing to beat government bonds.

Up until recently, investors relied on the human brain to process and analyze the mountain of stock and financial data that now exists in our digital world. The human brain is a wonderful thing – it’s why we still exist – but when it comes to processing and analyzing millions of data points, our brains are laughably feeble compared to supercomputers.

Despite this, the vast majority of traders still enter the financial arena armed with just their brains. It doesn’t end well in most cases.

Finding those 4% of stocks that beat bonds requires screening literally millions of data points – and fast. That’s where supercomputers come in. My smart technology system sifts more than a million stock data points every night while everyone is asleep.

Finding those rare moneymaking stocks also requires analyzing the right factors the right way. That’s where quantitative analysis and AI come in. My Quantum Edge system performs a deep mathematical analysis of roughly 30 fundamental and technical variables – variables that have proven to be the best predictors of higher share prices.

Many of these variables, by the way, would only be discoverable by the handful of people who manage the largest order flow information in the world. I was privileged to occupy that chair earlier in my career, and it led directly to my whole quant stock-picking system and its proven success.

When I log on early in the morning, my computers have already done more data retrieval and analysis than probably an entire brokerage firm. My system assigns a Quantum Score to roughly 6,000 stocks every single day, a single number that lets me know if each of those stocks is an opportunity, a danger, or just not going anywhere.

With a few additional clicks of the mouse or taps of the keypad, I am left with those handful of stocks with the critical ingredients to generate profits. We are now fishing in a small pond full of exotic fish. From there, I can get back to the human brain (“genuine” intelligence?) to pick the best of the best – from what was already the best of the best.

Even under-the-radar stocks like e.l.f. Beauty (ELF). It’s a well-known company, but it doesn’t get a ton of buzz among investors. Still, when my technology identified this stock last year, it ripped 102% higher for most of the rest of the year.

Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game

Anyone in any industry not using software to collect and analyze information in our world today is hopelessly outpaced by those who do.

Huge investment banks now run this technology 24/7/365. These firms invested billions of dollars creating systems that give them critical market information first. And they have the analytical firepower to act on that information in a fraction of a second – before most people can even turn a computer on.

Wall Street uses this edge to win out against individual investors… to essentially “rig” the game against you. That means you’re already at a massive disadvantage before you buy your first stock.

It’s legal, but it’s wrong. It’s one reason I left the Wall Street game – to make this same firepower available to individual investors. To level the playing field. To find folks a similar edge with data analytics, supercomputers, and proven analysis.

That’s the whole goal of my investing services, including our brand new Quantum Edge Trader. We can meet and even beat Wall Street at its own game, using technology-enabled superpowers to make big, reliable, and safe stock market gains — over and over again.

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Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends

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