Embracing This Change Can Make You a LOT More Money

Have you heard the tale of Pablo Picasso’s napkin art?

There are several versions of this famous story. But, basically, if someone approached the famous artist and asked him to draw something, he’d quickly sketch the “Dove of Peace”: a bird in flight with an olive branch in its mouth. He liked to put it on posters, too, which helped make it one of the most recognizable symbols of peace to this day.

Anyway, one day in Paris, a woman asked for a drawing. Picasso sketched the dove on her napkin. But before he handed it over, the story goes, he asked her for a million francs.

“What are you doing? How can you ask for so much? It took you five minutes to draw this!” the lady snapped back (presumably in French).

But Picasso corrected her, stating: “No, it took me 40 years to draw this in five minutes.”

I can relate to this story – as a stock-picker, and as a human being.

Think about the time, energy, and effort you have to invest to master any skill.

Think how long it would take to paint something like this:

Except … this particular piece of art was generated instantly.

With AI technology.

If you look at the bottom right corner – where artists typically sign their work with a personal flourish – you can see the algorithm added a “signature” of its own.

The art collective that’s behind this is another bunch of Parisians named Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Pierre Fautrel and Gauthier Vernier…

And that single piece of AI-generated art made the group $432,500.

That’s about 45 times more than the “experts” predicted before the artwork went up for auction at Christie’s.

What a windfall.

These guys in Paris distilled a lifetime of fine art training into a single push of the button. And made almost half a million dollars from it.

That played out back in 2018. And that same saga is playing out today in healthcare, law, accounting, marketing and finance.

And again and again in art – including music.

We’ve even got AI pop stars. Miquela is a virtual singer that creates AI-generated music – and made $9 million last year for the company responsible. “She” now has 279,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Stories like this become ever-more prevalent with each passing day.

What Can AI Do for Me?

What’s happening now with artificial intelligence reminds me so much of the dawn of the internet… or Henry Ford’s assembly line … or the steam engine or the Gutenberg printing press.

Suddenly, people can log phenomenal achievements – with a fraction of the effort, in a fraction of the time.

But if AI is going to provide that for us… we have to use our human judgment in the process.

Before the Parisian art collective turned in that portrait, or Miquela made it to YouTube, human beings had to sort through different outputs of the AI – and find the one they liked best.

That’s what I do every day.

Because I’ve been using algorithms to find high-quality stocks for 20 years.

It’s fun to use them to create art or pop music…

But where AI really shines is in decision-making:  helping us make the best choices, even when everyone around us is succumbing to euphoria or panic.

AI doesn’t know how to boil over with excitement, or give in to panic.

But it does know how to take the best predictors of winning investments – to sort through all 6,000 stocks, day after day – and reveal the ones with the best odds of success.

No matter what else is happening at that moment.

Because AI doesn’t get distracted.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, it was a gut punch to the world.

But as an investor, I was unperturbed, because my system had already signaled a fantastic stock play. Even before the invasion, on Feb. 1, my smart tech spotted signs that Occidental Petroleum was set up to make a huge move.

Sure enough, even as the market bears took a bite out of stocks, OXY shot up by as much as 103%. It became the slam-dunk, No. 1 stock of the S&P 500.

Well, we’re a long way from 2022.

And OXY isn’t looking quite the same today. At 70.85, its Fundamental Score is still strong. But its technicals are miserable these days – coming it at a lowly 47.06.

But that’s okay: As the old adage goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

Plenty of other stocks have excellent fundamentals with super-charged momentum and Big Money interest from Wall Street institutions.

That’s my weekly Top 10 stocks right there (with the Bottom 5 below).

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But on Monday, I’ll be releasing my latest list.

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