Wall Street’s About to Pull the “Chaos” Lever – Here’s How to Beat Those Traders at Their Own Game

Keith Kaplan isn’t just a successful tech-sector entrepreneur.

And he isn’t just the CEO of TradeSmith.

He’s also my friend.

A good friend, in fact.

And yet, when he and I sat down here recently to chat about artificial-intelligence stocks, I still felt compelled to warn him that the insights I planned to share would rile him up… would make his blood boil.

And I was right.

I showed Keith how my Quantum Edge system – whose “formal” name is M.A.P. – uses sophisticated algorithms to detect unusual buy and sell signals that Big Money Wall Street pros try so hard to disguise. (You can see our conversation here.)

As an investment pro himself, Keith knew all that. But then I told Keith that I frequently refer to these signals as “chaos spikes.”

And I use the term on purpose: The unusual heavy buying or selling by Big Money players often creates its own chaos.

That chaos is intentional – engineered to make the rich even richer, which means the regular folks fall even further behind in the money chase we know as Wall Street.

It absolutely made Keith’s blood boil – and I’ll bet this revelation from a former Wall Streeter (me) is having a similar effect on you.

But before you “see red,” take a deep breath, a step back and understand there’s some good news here.

If you can see through the chaos and understand what’s really happening, you can hijack Wall Street’s edge and make it your own.

That’s why I became a “former” Wall Streeter – to help make that happen for investors like you.

Massive Money Manipulation

Wall Street has access to billions and billions and billions (and billions) of dollars. And the pros who trade that Big Money make sure to do it in ways that will create those “chaos spikes.”

I saw it myself – firsthand – when I was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald and a Senior VP of Derivatives at Jeffries. I’ve shared these stories here before, so I won’t belabor the details. But you wouldn’t believe the kind of money Wall Streeters pull down when they play this “chaos-spike” game.

But while Wall Street gets richer, regular folks don’t.

Think of it like an easy-to-reach-for tool in the Wall Street toolbox. Take a spin back through market history, and you’ll see it time and again. The Big Money traders created that chaos – and cashed in while regular folks got hurt.

Remember the banking crisis that played out just year?

The Wall Street chaos game was behind that mess. And one brazen trader flat out admitted that Wall Street’s greed caused Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to fail.

The payoff: Wall Street scooped up SVB’s assets for pennies on the dollar.

Or go back a few years ago to the Covid Crash. Billionaire hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman infamously went on CNBC to warn Americans “hell is coming.”

Yet, in a matter of days, that same investor transformed his “markets will fall” wager into a $2 billion payday.

Ackman plunged the market into chaos and profited handsomely… while a lot of investors lost money by selling at the wrong time.

He offered an explanation after the fact, but it’s hard to believe that this Harvard-educated billionaire didn’t know what he was doing.

Seeing Through the Chaos

During these times of chaos, Wall Street overwhelms certain parts of the market with money. That makes it difficult for most people to get a clear picture of what’s really happening with stocks.

That’s one reason my team and I spent countless hours (and dollars) developing the M.A.P. system – to see through this chaos.

When M.A.P. reveals a green chaos spike, we can see massive gains run for months… or longer.

Here’s just one example with Fortinet (FTNT), a leading cybersecurity company. M.A.P. detected a green “chaos spike” hitting Fortinet in late October of 2019.

It marked the beginning of a 289% peak gain that went on for a couple of years. That’s a near 4X return.

The Best Opportunities Are Here

My predictive analytics tell me that another round of chaos is headed out way – and could hit us in the next few weeks.

We are zooming toward the end of the third quarter this month, and that means the next round of earnings reports will follow in October.

One way Wall Street can rig the action is to issue intentionally low estimates. And then when companies beat those estimates, stocks soar.

Academics call this “post-earnings-announcement drift.”

And studies prove that stocks can drift in the direction of an earnings surprise for as much as a full year after the actual announcement.

This is how we can turn chaos into opportunity. And right now, my system shows the most promising opportunities in technology. And stocks that rank highest in my system – those with superior fundamentals, strong technicals, and Big Money inflows – are the best of the best.

Chaos can still surround even the top companies in the market, which is fine with us. Thanks to M.A.P., we can see through the chaos to make a lot of money.

Talk soon,

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