Do This Now to Be on the Right Side of the Coming Wealth Transfer 

One of the fun things about being a kid – or an adult for that matter – is bubble gum.

Opening the bright wrapper and popping the gum in your mouth wasn’t to get minty fresh breath. It was to blow bubbles.

Specifically big bubbles. The biggest in the neighborhood if you could.

Even the biggest in the world. Yes, there’s a Guinness World Record for “largest bubblegum bubble blown” – an impressive 20 inches in diameter with three pieces of Dubble Bubble – set nearly 20 years ago by Chad Fell.

Image via Guinness World Record

But as you can see, the world-record bubble eventually popped. I can only imagine the gnarly sticky mess left behind.

The same is true of financial bubbles, like the tech bubble in the 1990s that blew up in 2000, or the Bitcoin bubble in 2021 that blew apart in 2022.

And currently, the first-ever cash bubble that we talked about in the last Power Trends.

As I mentioned, this is unlike any other bubble, which is actually great news for us. Instead of it ending with panic selling and investors fleeing to cash, this one will end with panic buying and investors scrambling to get back into stocks.

I also mentioned that a small window is now open for investors to get positioned ahead in the best stocks set to benefit from this cash bubble bursting.

Today, I want to tell you why I think this bubble could pop faster than any other bubble – and drive stocks sharply higher as a result.

The first thing to understand is that money doesn’t actually disappear when bubbles pop – though it sure as heck feels like it if your assets decline in value.

When this cash bubble pops – which could happen any time – there will still be cash. It will simply be transferred to other assets. Primarily stocks.

It’s a wealth transfer, and you want to be on the right side of it.

America’s Data Gap Leads to America’s Wealth Gap

One thing I’ve noticed from past bubbles is that the rich somehow get richer.

In the aftermath of each crisis, these one-percenters emerge millions and billions of dollars wealthier.

I’ve seen it again and again over the course of my career. In every single crisis, crash… or pop… the wealth gap in America widens. Creating true wealth is a matter of getting on the right side of wealth transfers.

Since 1971, the wealthiest folks in America have accumulated more and more wealth… while the average investor hasn’t been able to keep up.

Since 1971, the top 1% of Americans’ incomes have grown by an astounding 236%. While over those same five decades, most Americans haven’t even seen their incomes grow by 50%.

So what happened in 1971?

Few people know this, but on February 8 of that year, the first electronic trade was executed at the Nasdaq Data Center.

That was the day the data-gap – the gap between what the rich know and what everyday people know – really widened.

From that point on, the game of investing was impossibly rigged.

This new technology gave top investors early access to stock information AND allowed fast trade executions. Wall Street was able to use real-time stock data directly from the exchange itself.

But regular folks were still getting their data after the fact in the newspapers. And they were left behind.

Since that day in 1971, those few investors with the fastest access to the best data have ultimately won… again and again and again.

And today, it’s even worse.

With artificial intelligence in Wall Street’s arsenal – allowing faster analysis of more and more data than ever before – the wealthy elite’s existing advantage has only gotten more powerful.

That’s why I created my quantitative analysis system. To provide access to this data, and my experience from working decades in Wall Street, to the everyday investor. To even the playing field.

Using Data to Our Advantage

Today, almost every investor knows about Nvidia (NVDA). When the AI platform ChatGPT launched in November of 2022, Nvidia shares famously shot up more than 300%.

That’s a lot of dough. But a lot of individual investors missed out on that move because they got the information way too late.

But my clients on Wall Street got the chance to catch the entire AI tailwind that pushed up Nvidia shares in 2022. Not only that, but I was also able to alert them to Nvidia all the way back in 2019.

That’s three years before ChatGPT was even launched.

On that one investment alone, clients could’ve made 800% over three years:

That data gap struck again.

I saw firsthand how important this early data is, and it put me on a mission – one that culminated in the quantum analytics system I developed and still use today.

More than 30 years of results show that by accessing the right data and analyzing it the right way, my system identifies moneymaking stocks with stunning accuracy and beats the market by an outstanding 7-to-1.

This system also can identify the biggest wealth transfers in the market – like the cash bubble that is about to burst – and give us access to that early data to even the playing field.

And to use that data to find the best stocks set to be on the receiving end as money flows out of cash and into stocks.

The window to big profits is still open, but it may not be much longer.

Smart investors who own the best stocks now will be celebrating with champagne bubbles in the future, while others scramble to clean up the sticky mess of cash not working for them.

Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends

P.S. My system recently signaled “buy alerts” on three top plays you should get into as of today. These are the stocks to own before this cash bubble bursts and the stock market booms.

I’ve put all the details in a report called, Three Stocks To Move Your Cash Into NOW.

I also recorded a special presentation explaining the cash bubble, how it will end, and three steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready. You can view it here.