Power Trends+: The Three Steps to Finding This Market-Beating Stock

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The S&P 500 rebalances four times each year, and companies that get added to the large-cap index almost always see their share prices take off.

Part of it is the honor of becoming a part of such a prestigious index, and part of it is that funds tracking the S&P 500 have to buy shares.

We already talked about one company soon to join the elite 500 last week. The day after we sent you the first ever Power Trends+, Standard & Poor’s announced that Super Micro Computer (SMCI) would be one of two new companies to gain membership in this exclusive club.

SMCI shot up another 18.6% yesterday to all-time highs, boosting its 2024 return to an eye-popping 278% in just nine weeks.

The other company making the cut is nothing like SMCI. Super Micro makes servers used in artificial intelligence, and Deckers Outdoor Corporation (DECK) makes shoes.

One thing they do have in common is they are making big money for their shareholders. DECK can’t match SMCI’s moonshot here in 2024, but it doubled in the last year and more than tripled the last two years.

Check out this week’s Power Trends+ video to find out more about this well-known shoe brand and why it’s one of the best stocks on the market. My fellow TradeSmith analyst and business partner Luke Downey will also walk you through his three-step guide on how to find these outlier stocks – ones that the smartest investors and institutions buy up, but that you can get in on first.

There are a lot of interest stocks with big potential out there, and we look forward to talk about them with you. In fact, we’d love to hear which stocks you’d like us to feature in an upcoming Power Trends+. Please reach out to me at [email protected] with any questions or recommendations.

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