Power Trends+: Analyzing Four New Stocks Recommended by You

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Every time you buy a stock, you’re also rejecting thousands of other stocks.

It’s important to analyze both winners and losers to better understand how to find the good and avoid the bad.

You continue to help us with that by submitting some interesting companies to analyze. Honestly, we haven’t heard of some of these before you sent them in, but we’ve been impressed!

Today, my business partner and fellow TradeSmith analyst Luke Downey is back to share his insights and analysis into four new stocks suggested by you and your fellow Power Trends readers.

When you dig into the data, you can find exactly why a company may be a problem and what characteristics make a company great.

This is the data that goes into the Quantum Score – a single number that incorporates tons of data analyzed by multiple algorithms for each stock.

As a reminder, the stocks in this Power Trends+ video issue are not currently recommended in my investing services. But we want to share our analysis with you on video by digging into the data to help you in your research.

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Thanks again for your amazing response; we’re just getting started. Send in your tickers to [email protected], and we’ll see you again next week!

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