A Look at What’s Coming – And the Massive Opportunities With It

The story of the next decade in our lives and our investing is what I call convergence.

Specifically, The Great Convergence. It’s going to be huge.

Three megatrends are converging that will change our world and create massive wealth for smart investors.

All three pillars are essential to unleashing the full impact of this technological convergence.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Advanced Networking

Think of them as three sides of the technology revolution triangle. Triangles are the strongest shape that can hold the most weight, and there’s a ton of growth coming that will build on this three-sided foundation.

If we identify the leaders in these technologies that will take us into the future, we stand to make a lot of money.

To paraphrase the greatest hockey player ever, Wayne Gretzky, we want to skate to where the puck will be… not where it’s been.

The biggest moneymakers will be companies benefitting from where we are headed. Like the stock I recently recommended in TradeSmith Investment Report.

Imagine This…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about the artificial intelligence craze that ignited a year and a half ago when ChatGPT launched.

Ever since, companies of every size and stripe are falling all over themselves to highlight how they are incorporating AI into their businesses and technologies.

Stocks have shot higher. It’s a big reason 80% of the stocks in our TradeSmith Investment Report portfolio are profitable right now – with three up 60% or more.

And we’ve talked before about Super Micro Computer (SMCI), which I recommended in my Quantum Edge Pro service. It’s already one of the stocks of the year, having more than tripled in less than five months.

But what most folks haven’t realized yet is that AI is just one side of the tech revolution triangle. There’s so much more to come – both transformational change and big profits – as AI joins forces with quantum computing and advanced networking to take us into the future.

We can already get a glimpse of what can happen…

Imagine waking up with an ache in your abdomen that concerns you, so you hop online and interface with a doctor. I say interface because this “doctor” happens to be an AI chatbot. But don’t worry, it has more information and data than any human doctor ever could.

Image: Shutterstock

You describe your symptoms and answer questions as you would at any appointment, and your AI doc says you probably have appendicitis. You need urgent care, so the doctor directs you to the nearest clinic where you have no wait times and none of the nonsense of modern medicine red-tape. Your history, insurance information, and even genetic map are all waiting on file.

You walk up to a scanning device that confirms the appendicitis diagnosis. You are then escorted to a room with your surgeon – a large robot. The human doctor behind the robot is thousands of miles away, able to operate skillfully and effectively thanks to speed-of-light quantum computers communicating over speed-of light communications lines.

You lay down on the table, and the medical assistants – we need some humans in here somewhere – escort you through the entire procedure. You’re in and out in a matter of an hour, thanks to the less invasive precision enabled by your robot surgeon, and then you’re off to recovery to resume your life.

Sounds like science fiction, I know. But it’s happening already.

The fact that we can even talk to someone a thousand miles away still amazes me, but surgery? Incredible.

It’s not just amazing either. Robotic surgery can be more precise than most human doctors, allowing for less invasive procedures with quicker recovery times.

Robots also never get “the shakes.” And they are available any time they are needed. No coffee breaks necessary – or even sleep for that matter.

Early Opportunities

Robotic surgery is just one early example of what’s possible in The Great Convergence.

It requires speed-of-light computers communicating over speed-of-light communications lines, and AI software can run the robot and provide useful analytics.

For example, the company I recommended has thousands of robots in use that have performed millions of procedures – a treasure trove of data. That’s why the company also offers preoperative planning, in-operation guidance, and postoperative analytics to make the surgeon’s job easier and improve outcomes.

No wonder medical facilities are willing to shell out a couple of million dollars for one of these systems – and that doesn’t include attachments, service contracts, and more.

Of course, this company has the investing triangle that I need to see – impressive fundamentals, strong technicals, and Big Money flowing in. In fact, my system picked up six Big Money buy signals (green bars below) in the first five months of the year.

Source: MAPsignals.com

You also see three red bars in there, which are Big Money sell signals that came during broader market volatility. But with the highest quality stocks, those less-frequent sell signals also often preceded a reversal higher in the share price (blue line).

For this company, it all adds up to a Quantum Score of 77.6, which is right in the optimum buy zone, and one reason I recommended it to my TradeSmith Investment Report readers.

This stock is one of the best early examples of convergence that I see out there, and I know there are plenty more to come. Keep this theme in mind, and you’ll be far ahead of most other investors.

Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends