Landing the Moby Dick of Stocks and Making Thousands of Percent

My dad is sitting on a nearly 4,000% gain.

I watched his $5,650 turn into $227,000… and counting. (I’ve also watched my own $10,000 turn into $0. That’s a story – and important lesson – for another day.)

It started in 2017 when my dad asked me about this new-to-him company he heard about: Nvidia (NVDA). We’ve all heard about it now, but I knew it then, as well, as I had already created my Quantum Edge system, and NVDA was flashing in all the right spots.

I had already noticed it appearing in my Top 20 Report – a weekly list of the 20 top-ranked stocks seeing unusual buying. That’s out of the more than 4,000 I was tracking at the time (now 6,000).

That’s those Big Money buy signals we look for in a great stock. Here’s what those signals looked like back then:


NVDA also had an excellent Quantum Score of 77.6, with a strong technical score of 85 and a solid fundamental score of 67. I was already confident enough in my system (the same I use today) that those scores and charts told me all I needed to know.

“Dad, you should buy that stock… it’s a winner!”

And thankfully he did. In February of 2017, he bought 200 shares at a price of $28.25. NVDA is now trading over $1,000 per share.

This is the type of win we all want to land. The Moby Dick of investing.

But like Ishmael’s journey for the white whale, this type of behemoth takes a lot of perseverance and patience through sometimes turbulent seas.

Riding the Waves to Those Incredible Gains

Almost immediately after he bought NVDA, it started to fall. By April he was sitting on a 13% loss of roughly $735.

We all want to win right away. That instant gratification. And my dad certainly let me hear about it.

I felt bad, but that was emotions speaking. I learned a long time ago to keep emotions out of investing, and it’s not easy. That’s why I use data and analytics to make my investing decisions.

Conventional risk management might have had a tight stop and bounced him out of the trade. I get that. But every stock that has multiplied many times has had its share of big drops. To get 4,000% gains, you’ve got to hold.

And that’s what my dad did. Then earnings season started.

Nvidia began its historic run of blowout earnings that continues to this day, and the loss quickly swung back to a nice +25% win.

Once again, some investors might be tempted to take those fast profits and run. I get that, too. But my dad was patient and he held.

As you’ve probably guessed, NVDA just kept rising. By October 2018, the stock had risen to $71.70 – more than 150% gains for my dad.

He kept holding.

This rise and fall continued over the next few years, including a gut-wrenching 64% drop after an incredible 1,000% climb.


My dad’s patience of a saint and resolve of a battle-tested warrior prevailed.

He continued to hold… and you get the point.

Through all of those ups and downs, my dad made it through and is now sitting on those almost 4,000% gains.

Should he sell today and realize them? Should he take half? Or should he continue to hold with the prospect of making 10,000% or more?

Can he turn $5,650 into $1 million?

Originally the prospect seemed ridiculous… and risky. But today it seems possible.

Reducing the Risk

It might not seem like it, but my dad is a conservative investor. He’s retired, so he’ll say he can’t afford to take big risks. Then again, putting over $5,000 on a then little-known stock simply based on a system his son created might sound risky to some.

The thing is my quantitative analytical system is actually designed to reduce risk and increase the probability of success.

Nobody can ever know for sure when a stock will become a historic behemoth like Nvidia. But with a systematic approach layering the odds in our favor, we can have higher probabilities of success and lower odds of failure.

My Quantum Edge system still looks at the same data it did when I told my dad to buy NVDA – but it’s gotten more sophisticated with even more analytics.

It now analyzes nearly 6,000 stocks every single day for superior fundamentals, strong technicals, and Big Money inflows: the three areas that can forecast a winning stock and nice profits – sometimes huge profits – to come.

Buying and holding for long periods of time takes incredible conviction, and even more resolve. But if done correctly, these massive gains are possible.

These are the exact same kinds of stocks I invest in for myself, my family, and that I recommend to my readers. We’re less than two years into my Quantum Edge Pro service, but Super Micro Computer (SMCI) was up as much as 312% for us before pulling back.

We did take some profits along the way, so we’re actually playing with house money right now. Could it go on to make thousands of percent in the coming years? It’s possible. I can’t say for sure, but if it does, there will no doubt be ups and downs in the journey.

I’m glad I helped my dad with Nvidia. I can help you, too. If you’re interested, click here to learn more and start receiving my stock recommendations backed by powerful analytics that help minimize risk and increase the probability of success.

Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends