Power Trends+: Quant Ratings on Your Stocks

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We can sometimes snooze through the sleepy summer months, but when it comes to July, it really can be a case of you snooze, you lose.

July is historically strong, and after recent volatility under the surface, now should be a great time to buy superior stocks on a pullback.

But, as always, the question is… which stocks?

That’s why I’m happy to be back with an all-new Power Trends+. And it’s also where the Quantum Score comes in.

I ran all of the stocks you’ve asked that we analyze – over 60 of them! – through my Quantum Edge system to pick out the top three and bottom three.

This powerful tool provides everything we need to know about a stock with one simpler number: the Quantum Score. It also breaks down that number into fundamentals and technicals.

And one of your requested stocks has an incredible Fundamental Score of 87.5!

I love analyzing the stocks you send in, and I hope you take away some important information about what makes a stellar stock and what makes a dud. Remember, the stocks in this video issue are not currently recommended in my investing services, but that doesn’t stop us from digging into the data to help you in your research.

If you’d like to access the Quantum Score for the nearly 6,000 stocks my system rates, consider joining your fellow readers at Quantum Edge Pro. You can leverage the power of the Quantum Score to dig into stocks you already own and stocks you’re interested in.

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We’ll be back next week with an all-new Power Trends+ video analysis. Earnings season is about to kick off, so I suspect we’ll be covering plenty of stocks that report results in the coming weeks. As always, make sure to send in your tickers or any comments and questions to [email protected].

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Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends