This Billionaire Was Duped – Clearly, We All Need Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is happening more than ever, and the attacks are getting more sophisticated, disruptive, and costly. This is why cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. I wish it weren’t the case, but that makes cybersecurity one of the dominant themes of our digital world. As investors, we can’t ignore that.

Power Trends+: You Request Them, We Rank Them

Investors might be feeling a little stung, too, but for other reasons. Stocks have gotten more volatile recently, and many are hitting lows. But there’s always a silver lining and some glimmers of hope – like the fact I can still celebrate a Panthers win since I’m a Florida native and live right up the road from the arena where they play.  And there are always great stocks poised to make money… we just need to know how to find them.

Why I Expect NVIDIA to Be a $5 Trillion Company

If you had asked me what the most important date for NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) in June would be, my answer would have been Monday, June 10. This was the day NVIDIA stock would start trading at its new split-adjusted price following its 10-for-1 stock split on June 7. However, my new answer is Tuesday, June 18, the day NVIDIA’s market cap hit $3.35 trillion – sailing past Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) $3.317 trillion market cap and briefly making NVIDIA the largest publicly traded company in the world. But we haven’t seen anything yet.

It’s Time to Factor the Election Into Your Investing – Here’s the Roadmap

We’re quickly approaching the midpoint of the year, and considering how inflation, high interest rates, and global uncertainty have hung over the market, stocks have done well. I hope you’ve made good money along the way. In fact, that Nasdaq Composite is on pace for 30%+ gains in 2024, and the S&P 500 is not far behind. That would be about triple the annual average (about 10%) in a “normal” year. But this year is not normal.

How To Pick Money-Making Stocks: Part 3

Picking winning stocks is a near impossible game. That’s because only a handful of stocks account for all of stock market success. This was proven by the impressive work of Professor Hendrik Bessembinder, who found only 4% of stocks account for all of the net gains of stocks above government bonds in the past 100 years. To complicate matters even more, only 1% of stocks account for half of the entire net gain of stocks over bonds.

Power Trends+: A Prediction Come True and the Ingredients for a Stellar Stock

Something incredible happened. Some might say it’s a coincidence, but I know it was based on hard data that couldn’t be denied. In last week’s Power Trends+, TradeSmith analyst Luke Downey made a prediction that Broadcom (AVGO) would soon announce a stock split (or at least they should). Well, it didn’t take long. After filming the video but before the issue even landed in your inbox, AVGO did just that when it announced a 10-for-1 split set for July 15. And the stock has soared ever since.

3 Top-Ranked Stocks for the Summer Travel Season

I’m always looking for trends to identify great stocks. And one just smacked me right in the face. I’m on vacation with my family traveling in Spain and Portugal. So far, I’ve been to four cities. The streets are packed, the restaurants are full, the hotels are booked, and the flights are oversold. The optic test tells me the travel and leisure market is vibrant right now. That makes sense. School is out, summer is here, and people are ready to take that vacation time. According to a Bank of America survey, 70% of respondents are planning to travel this summer. They also plan to travel for longer and spend more compared to previous years.

How To Pick Money-Making Stocks: Part 2

It continued for several weeks, as I watched the stock price soar each time this client bought more shares – ultimately leading to a 70% increase. Those weeks transformed my view of investing. From my unique vantage point heading up a trading desk, I saw firsthand how this type of buying moved stocks. And it put me on a mission – one that culminated in the quantitative analytics system I developed and still use today. On Monday, we went over the first step in picking money-making stocks: analyzing the most important fundamentals. Today, I’ll give you an inside look at the next steps to building your wealth by finding superior companies to invest in.

Big-Time Splits Are Usually Big-Time Opportunities

Stock splits have been around for a long time, but June brings a couple of whoppers – including one of the biggest in history. The data is clear that stock splits can be big opportunities for investors. Coca-Cola (KO), one of Warren Buffett’s main holdings, has split 11 times in the last 105 years. If someone bought one share of KO in 1919 when it debuted and willed that investment to future generations, that single share would now amount to 9,216 shares. That $40 investment would be worth more than $580,000.

Power Trends+: These Stocks Could Follow Nvidia’s Lead 

tock splitting is all the rage right now… and that’s good for investors. We have a couple of big-time splits here in June, which I’ll talk about and analyze for you tomorrow. Nvidia (NVDA) is the first as shares began trading following a 10-for-1 split Monday morning, dropping the price per share from $1,208.88 to $120.88. That’s much more affordable. But in today’s Power Trends+, my fellow TradeSmith analyst and business partner Luke Downey shows you an interesting study on why these splits are quite bullish.