Power Trends+: The Two Hottest Stocks of the Year

I’m excited to introduce a new feature here in Power Trends where we’ll analyze – on video – the most interesting and talked-about stocks in the market. We’ll call it Power Trends+, and a big part of the plus is my business partner at our research firm and fellow TradeSmith analyst, Luke Downey.

The Aha! Moment That Inspired It All

We’ve all experienced a defining moment. That “aha!” moment where everything just clicks. We make a clear connection from something that’s been there the whole time. Sometimes we realize it right away; other times it becomes clear in hindsight. For me, it was an aha moment that played out for a month, but it all started with a phone call.

3 of the Hottest Stocks In the Market – Are They Too Hot?

Eleven stocks in my quantitative analysis system have Technical Scores of 91.2… the highest current rating. They have nearly doubled on average since the beginning of November, when this latest rally was just getting under way. And they’re up 73% on average in just the first eight weeks of 2024. The three biggest gainers of the group have more than tripled on average in less than four months. You can guess at least one of the three… and maybe two.

Nvidia Reignites the A.I. Boom – Here’s What’s Next

We heard from arguably the most important stock in the market yesterday. Not convinced? After recent choppiness, the S&P 500 shot back up to all-time highs. Nvidia’s (NVDA) 15% pop vaulted it up to the fourth most valuable stock in the world, now worth $1.9 trillion. Yes, Nvidia makes advanced computer chips. But more importantly, those chips are in extremely high demand for artificial intelligence applications. Its earnings yesterday were not just a referendum on the company but on A.I itself.

Should You Buy Companies Where You Spend Your Money?

Consumer spending makes up about two-thirds of the U.S. economy, so if you took advantage of Presidents’ Day sales this weekend, you did your part to support your local economy. Actually, consumer spending held up well even as inflation was increasing and the Federal Reserve was raising rates. We consumers deserve a pat on the back for keeping the economy going more than anyone expected. But did you see the headlines last week? Retail sales declined in January much more than expected.

I’ll Never Look at Investing the Same Way Again

My quantitative analysis system is based on a stunningly simple premise… Own the best. Easy to understand, right? Not as easy to do. Hence all the time and money that went into developing my system – identifying the right data to collect and then designing the algorithms to analyze it the right way.

Use this Profit-Boosting Strategy Now Before Stocks Get Choppier

A pullback is coming. My data is clear on that. The questions are when… and how big. And most importantly, what can you do now? We just took partial profits in several big winners in my Quantum Edge Pro service – including 250% in a partial position today – and I recommend consider doing the same.

Big Breakthroughs and Profits in Health Care’s Exponential Progress

If you think about medical advancements since the beginning of time, most have come in the last century… even the last few decades. We call this exponential progress. Exponential progress is progress that multiplies in power and scope with each step. Every new step or advancement is larger than the one that came before it. Breakthroughs are bigger and faster. Companies grow bigger and faster.

Nearly 68 Million Americans are Expected to Make Super Bowl Wagers – Are Betting Stocks a Good Bet?

So, when it comes to picking a Super Bowl winner – or how many broadcast appearances Taylor will have – I need help. I’ve had great success picking winning stocks by relying on “predictive analytics” – which starts with massive amounts of data and uses a systematized analysis to get down to the few moneymaking numbers that matter. Why not use that same approach to make a wager on who will win this year’s Super Bowl? And if I could have the same probability of success as my quantum stock-picking system – I can count on it being right 70% of the time – then I might be on to something.

Focus on Quantum Cash While Waiting for Rate Cuts

Louis Navellier is a legendary quant investor whom I admire, am fortunate enough to consider a mentor and friend, and continue to meet with weekly. I’ve mentioned Louis before here in Power Trends. He has helped a lot of people make money in stocks through the years, and today I wanted to let him share some of his latest insights with you.