All Eyes Are on the Banks, But Here are My Top-Ranked Financials

One of the four most exciting times of the year for investors kicked off yesterday as the biggest banks in the country reported quarterly results. What’s that you say? Earnings are confusing… even boring? Yeah, I can see that. But I’m enough of a stock nerd to love earnings season. And I’m enough of a quantitative analyst to want as much data as possible to make the smartest decisions… and make the most money.

Don’t Let the Inflation Rollercoaster Scare You Out of Stocks

Rollercoasters seem to be one of those love ’em or hate ’em kind of things. Personally, I’m a huge fan – of the amusement park ones, that is. But whether you like those or not, we all hate the inflation-interest rate coaster we’re riding right now. On Wednesday, consumer prices rose more than expected. Down we go. Today, wholesale prices rose less than expected. Ahhh… a smoother stretch. We’ve been on this ride for two years now – since March 16, 2022 – and you can see the ups and downs in the S&P 500 along the way.

Big Opportunities in the Foundation of our Tech-Driven World

Few things in life are certain, but we know that the world will need more and better semiconductors in the future. And that’s a big opportunity for investors. Just look at how the three biggest semiconductor companies have done in the last six months…

It’s That Time of Year Again: Quant Ratings on 3 Tax Stocks 

Consider this a friendly push to get your taxes done if you haven’t already. It does feel awfully good when you finish. And instead of just using programs and companies to alleviate some of the tax preparation pain, let’s look at a few stocks using my Quantum Edge system to see if any are also good investments… maybe with your refund (if you’re one of the lucky ones). The first two companies are well-known when it comes to taxes. The third might surprise you.

Beware of These Big Gainers – At Least Most of Them

It’s always interesting and fun to look back at the recently concluded quarter to see which stocks really killed it. To be honest, the quarter’s big winners are often stocks I’ve seen multiple times in my quant system’s screens and analysis. Sometimes, though, I scratch my head.

Power Trends+: Is Your Favorite Beverage a Good Buy?

It’s been amazing to see the incredible response from you and your fellow readers writing in with stocks you’d like us to run through our quantitative analysis in these Power Trends+ video issues. Last week, Luke Downey took some of your recommendations to dig in and demonstrate what makes a good, a bad, and a “just okay” stock. Today, I’m taking a request from a fellow reader to run a few popular beverage companies through our Quantum Edge system to see if any are actually worthwhile.

Massively Outperform the Market by Following the Big Money Every Day – Not Just Quarterly

“Happy New Quarter” doesn’t stir the emotions as much as “Happy New Year,” does it? But as a data-driven investor, I still get pumped when a new quarter starts. You should, too. Most investors think about the flurry of earnings reports that will start to come out in a couple of weeks. And rightly so. They are critical to evaluating the strength of the company – and they are critical to my system’s fundamental rating and analysis of 6,000 stocks.

“Why do you do this?”

“Why do you do this?” It’s a fair question, and one I get asked often. As an investor, you’re trusting me with your hard-earned money. And it’s something I take very seriously. Wanting to know what drives me makes sense.

Is a Pullback Imminent?

We wrapped up first-quarter trading today (the market is closed tomorrow), and there was a lot of money made these last three months. The S&P 500 gained 10% – a whole year of average returns in three months. I’m happy to say it was also a great first quarter for my personal investments. And most importantly, it was a great first quarter for my readers. For example, our Quantum Edge Pro portfolio shot up a little over 15% in total and beat the S&P 500 by 1.5X!